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As Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, we wanted to provide you with a 3-step guide to buying unique, second-hand jewelry. We know it can be quite a scavenger hunt when it comes to pawn shopping because you just never really know what you may find. We recommend you do your research, be willing to get creative, and always ask for the quality and credentials of the jewelry you are interested in.  

Do Your Research.

We recommend that you do your research when searching for pawn shops that sell jewelry in your local area. Find out what the reviews say about buying and selling at each pawnshop and choose the location that you feel the most confident in. We also recommend that you know what a quality diamond looks like and that you have a price in mind of what you are willing to pay. This will ensure that you are prepared and ready to start your treasure hunt.

At Galena Liberty Pawn, we have a great staff that is always willing to answer any questions you may have regarding the jewelry that we currently have in stock. We are always eager to assist with your jewelry shopping endeavors. 

Get Creative.

Have you been on Pinterest looking for that specific ring or necklace? Well, when shopping second-hand we want to encourage you to think outside the box. Although it is great to shop with the idea of something in mind, you probably won’t find an exact replicate at your local pawn shop. However, this can make it quite fun! Be creative, and evaluate the jewelry based on its potential. You can always use an item at the pawnshop as the start to a re-set of your dream ring or necklace. 

At Galena Liberty Pawn, we do our best to focus on the quality of the jewelry rather than the aesthetic. Although we do care about the looking of the jewels, we care more about the high-quality material it is made out of. In other words, you may be able to use the materials of the current ring or necklace to have a jeweler re-create the actual piece of art that you were on the hunt for. 

Ask For Certifications & Appraisals.

When someone sells their jewelry to a pawn shop, it usually comes with the certification or appraisal as well. You will want to make sure you ask for this documentation if you find an item you would like to purchase. This will allow you to be able to return the item if an independent appraiser tells you that the jewelry appraisal price isn’t lining up. In short, it is just a safety measure for purchasing an expensive item and will help with the insurance processes as well. 

Galena Liberty Pawn

If you’re looking for the best pawn shop in the Joplin, MO or Galena KS area, contact Galena Liberty Pawn today at (620) 383-0005. Whether you live near us or not, we promise that visiting our pawn shop is worth the trip. Come down and see! We are located at 708 S. Main Street Galena, KS 66739.